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Alot Has Happened Since....

Like the title states a lot has happened since the last time I wrote a blog. I won't get into the nitty gritty of everything, but what I will state is what happened within my life in the world of professional wrestling since the last time I wrote a blog.

Now I want you the reader to understand the reason I'm writing; I need to get feelings and/or emotions out in a positive manner and I feel this is the most necessary route to go...

December 18, 2019 was the last time I posted a blog. In it I stated accomplishments but that I also wanted to do more. It's now May 2, 2023 - I've been multiple time tag champion, multiple time hardcore champion, won a tournament to became the inaugural champion, won a secondary title, multiple rumbles, ladder match, became a heavyweight champion for two promotions - all of it sounds great but it wasn't without disaster!

Through this, the school I train at lost a bunch of students as they moved on and left for another company. As I am happy for them wanting to move on, just wished it was in a different way. Really took it personal which I probably shouldn't have but it hit me straight in the heart. Made me feel as if I was a failure. As If I was doing something wrong?!?!?! Took a lot of time to gather myself but I was able to and work with the students who stayed.

I'm happy where I am, I really am. I've been able to achieve things I never thought I would!!!!!

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