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A New Year On The Horizon

So here I am typing out a NEW blog. It feels like I haven't done this in almost a year. Yea that sounds about right! But anyhow 2017 is about to be in my rear-view and 2018 is right around the corner....So much to talk about, so much to review!!! I could legit go on for days about what I accomplished in 2017! It was an exciting year for me. Defiance finally captured the UPW Tag Team Titles after nearly chasing them for over a year! Teddy Long (Yes that Teddy Long) told my partner and I that he watched our match and we are wonderful performers, how we had the audience in our hands from the jump! I performed in many new states, many different venues this year! The whole gang got together for 2 nights (UPW & NTW). I main evented NTW with my original Defiance partner Rysk in Pennsylvania! Oh and we added some new talent to The D Train ( Icon Ace & Boz - 2 upcoming hungry workers who you need to see in person). Got to return to Canada to perform and had a beer bought for me yet again!!! Went to an NXT event where Defiance was cheered for (HAHA)! Held another tag team title for another company! Was a guest on various podcasts as well as a guest on The Pain Clinic which airs on Fox Sports 1280 in Rochester, NY! I was on i Heart Radio!!!!

Of course with all this good there must be some negative. People I knew, friends, family passed away. Yet that is life correct? We go and go and go until we can not anymore...It is tough, but we need to find a way to move on.

With all that I leave you with this...Have a Happy New Year! If you plan on celebrating please be safe out there!


Oh and 2018 I plan on doing some new things....We going all out!!! Keep your eyes out!

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