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The Chris Cayden is proud to officially bring to you "CAYDEN CIRCLE!"

With the imminent launch of CAYDEN CIRCLE, you will have access to even more exclusive content, and giant offers! We are talking even bigger offers then ones already presented on



CAYDEN CIRCLE will begin live streaming CC appearances at events (any) YET WITH MORE FOOTAGE AND ANGLES! Though Live events will still also be accessible anytime as part of the STREAM tab on the website.




CAYDEN CIRCLE memberships will include exclusive access to all ticket pre-sales for events that Cayden is appearing on! Also an extra 10% off all TCC-branded products in the Shop, in addition to any other discounts or sales. With that in the near future a forum will be developed where the CAYDENnation can all come to talk under one umbrella!

The Forum will be an exclusive to CAYDEN CIRCLE members!




Originally plans were developed but afterwards a partnership with Patreon was established. So now fans can DONATE funds to help with production of all Cayden shows, vlogs, etc.....Donating funds to help out will include you into the Cayden Circle. You can donate as much as you would like; the minimum would be at least $5. Just head on over to and make your donation. Again ith any donation you will gain access to appearances; special shows, emails to keep you current as to what is going on in the CAYDENnation. As well as first dibs on NEW merchandise!  A personalized greeting from yours truly, and some freebies to give away! Plus so much more!

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